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Firmware Update 24.1.43 Looks Good...


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Jan 31, 2021
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Some of the new Enterprise stuff is interesting for me using this drone at work

But for the standard user that has been complaining about the tracking being a bit glitchy the last few versions, this could be promising...

Subject Tracking Improvements​

We've introduced a number of updates to Skydio autonomy that improve overall quality and reduce latency while tracking a subject.


Introducing Shuffle, a new setting for the Motion Track Flight Skill. When selected, your drone will autonomously pick a new position and orientation from which to follow the tracked subject.

  • Position changes every 15 seconds
  • Located under Follow Direction within the Skill settings

Smooth Mode

By default, your drone will capture footage with smoother camera movements when tracking a subject, even if the subject is changing direction quickly and frequently (such as when skiing or biking).

  • Available when flying in Fixed Track or Motion Track
  • Toggle off within the Skill settings

Improved Visual Framing

To avoid suboptimal shots, such as top-down views with the ground prominently in frame, Skydio will now ensure the horizon is kept in the top third of the frame while flying.

  • Default elevation is now 9°
Increased Descent Speed

Through speed improvements, we have further amplified your ability to capture dynamic and impressive shots. Skydio will fly faster when descending at an angle during Fixed Track, Motion Track, or KeyFrame flights.

  • Oblique descent speed: 35 mph (16 m/s)
  • Vertical descent speed: 9 mph (4 m/s)

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