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Skydio 2 Controller Range - Real life - anybody seen a test?


Nov 7, 2019
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Anybody know of a video showing an actual range test of the Skydio 2 when using the controller? The controller is made by Parrot and is the same one used for the Anafi drone - it is wifi based. With the Anafi, I typically get 1/4 to 3/4 mile range in a suburban area. Wifi interference and objects (trees/buildings) typically affect my controller signal to the Anafi the most. Unless Skydio has tweaked the controller wifi signal or strengthened the Skydio 2 antenna's, no way you would get 3.5 Km (2 miles) (Under the ideal conditions) unless you were out in the middle of nowhere. Saw this video using the Skydio 2 and the controller. At minute 18, the controller looses connection to the Skydio 2, and from watching the video from minute 17 onward, you can tell the drone and the guy controlling it are fairly close. Not very comforting if you plan on using the controller for flying the Skydio 2 - range looked to be less than 1,000 feet, if that.

Anybody else seen an actual range test video? Also, note that the screen shot of the Skydio 2 app that would appear on your device in this video does not show distance, altitude or speed - what is that about???????
Someone will eventually create a hack to boost the signal or make a super antenna. If you want this drone, it's probably not because you want a second Mavic. It's because you want to create breathtaking video that isn't possible to get with any other drone without a high probability of crashing it. It's a second tool in the box. It won't replace the Mavic for shear long reach.
Here is a range test of the Anafi. There was interference when flying over neighborhoods with lots of WiFi, but it did make it out to 3.5 K. I would hope the Skydio would do as well.
I’ve seen an Anafi with stock controller go 4.1 miles as crow flies, but had to land short not enough battery to bring it back to launch area.

The anafi controller is very powerful, no need for amplifiers or larger antennas. Stock, is fine.
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My experience with the Parrot controller flying the Anafi is much less range. Typically, in the suburban area that I fly, I get a good strong signal up to about 3,000 feet. Then I start to get pixelization on the video feed. That is LOS . If there is a physical object (trees/buildings) that partially blocks the signal, my range drops to much less. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy the Anafi and I think the controller is fine, as long as your expectations are held in check. But the Anafi controller does not have Occusync like DJI Mavic Pro controllers, so I hope that Skydio 2 pilots are not disappointed in the lower range or signal breakup when they start comparing the Skydio 2 to the Mavic Pro series.
Interesting thing DJI gives you a 4 mile range then enforces nfz’s, remote transmission of your position and data... Over a 1/2 mile range is plenty in an urban environment, I fly in remote areas and rarely get out over 1/4 mile always los.

I,m certain the S2 won’t disappointment me like DJI,s Active Track.
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Yea, I pretty much agree with you on DJI. I have the original DJI Mavic Pro and for the most part, it has been a very good drone. Owned it for 2 1/2 years and will continue ownership in the future. Very reliable. I normally do not fly very far either, but I've found the MP has a strong signal wherever I am, whereas the Anafi and the Autel Evo, which I also own, (both based on wifi) can be more temperamental, the Anafi more so then the Evo. I've only had the NFZ affect me once, and that was about a month ago when the President visited Chicago. The NFZ extended over 30 miles from O'Hare airport that day and I fell within that area. My neighbor and I were out at our local flying field trying to fly our DJI MP's and could not take off, even though we were far away from any "normal" no fly zones. I also do not like the new DJI app that tracks drones in the vicinity. I am in Batch 1 for the Skydio 2 looking forward to receiving it soon. Hope that the flying time will be at least 20 minutes (23 advertised) and that the controller has a good strong and stable signal out to at least 3,500 feet. That, along with the OA, beacon and tracking would make this a great drone.

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