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Skydio SDK access - has anyone got/trialed it?


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Dec 3, 2020
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According to my knowledge and confirmed by support center, Skydio has an SDK kit with some capabilities and APIs. I’m not talking about enterprise skills software which would be most probably build around more business functions, but SDK with some ‘general’ done functions available (flight control, object recognition etc). Has anyone managed to get an access to it or preview list of functions available with such SDK?
Someone opened an issue on Skydio's github a while ago regarding opening up the SDK for the Skydio 2:
How to become approved developer and use Skydio SDK in future? · Issue #20 · Skydio/skydio-skills

Matt Donahoe, who is Skydio's CXO/co-founder, chimed in and said that they're collaborating with a small set of partners to expand the SDK and plan on releasing it on a yet-to-be-determined date. Keep in mind that this was a while before they announced their enterprise skills program, so I'm not sure how committed they are to making their SDK available to non-enterprise customers.
My story is simple- I researched seeking SDK then find traces of it on GitHub then contacted support then they provided me email to request access then I sent request and it turned out to go into the void. Ithen started to check around of anyone who has access to it already to understand if SDK does provide access to functions I need for my cases: I’m running small software consultancy and machine vision is a part of portfolio so Not sure what type of organization one should represent to get access. Hope it is not about only military - I’d like to make something useful for sports I enjoy and I see that skydio itself will definitely waste few years before deliver it on their own as it is too narrow business case for them (however may be not so small , like GoPro*2)
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as I understand, so far it is only for some serious partners (companies) of Skydio. and there aren't many of such worldwide. Most probably from government or similar environment.
This is a rather old thread now but am very interested in developing new skills to augment the lack of Skydio creating any new new ones since I bought the 2+ and looking for any info on any kind of sdk or api. This site was one of only a few that seemed to have anything related to it. I reached out to Skydio and thought I'd share the response dated 11/26/2022 as I'm certain there are numerous developers that would like to contribute to the Skydio eco system. This is their answer; IMO, it's a missed opportunity and neglecting a market for their expensive prosumer drone; but it's an answer; It's unlikely we'll see an sdk or api for the Skydio2/2+ on the consumer/prosumer side.

"Thanks for reaching out with your interest in a Skydio SDK. At this time, we don't have an active SDK program, nor do we have a timeline for re-establishing one. If you are interested in utilizing Skydio Cloud APIs, you should check out our documentation. Best, Vince"

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