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Has anyone inquired of a possible SD2 to SD2+ conversion?


Oct 27, 2019
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Same as title. Would be a cool offering to have.
1 benefit would be higher customer retention for sure. Sometimes I wonder if a platform really needed to be redesigned, when internal upgrades seems to be the ticket.
I have a few drones all from one manufacturer, but most all of them require different batteries or controllers......ect.
I'm just saying.
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I actually emailed Skydio asking if they have considered offering to Retrofit the S2 to the S2+.
Their actual response, word for word :

Thank you for reaching out to Skydio and Thank You for the positive feedback .

Unfortunately we are unable to do that at this time, but it is something that we have had several questions on and has been brought to the attention of our engineers.

I have 3 Skydio drones, one being the latest S2+, I would really love to retrofit one other which was brought in as a backup to my original S2 that I bought over a year ago, that one has been flying flawlessly. The S2+ is has an improvement in the Range category.

Things to consider: the cost of shipping it there and back, parts & labor. The only issue I see is that one does not get their
original drone back, you would get someone else's unless it is specified.

It would be interesting to see if they follow through with it if they get maybe hundreds of emails on the subject.

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