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Skydio 2 - Multi-angle Speed Test - Autonomous Drone Subject Tracking Abilities - Instrumental (4K)

The problem with some of his tests are he drives towards a wall of trees at full speed, of course it's going to slow as it looks for a way past, at that point the drone looses him, no surprise there. His testing is basically in an area with allot of outside influences so it doesn't mean much, top speed and obstacles don't go together with the skydio unless you put it high up over anything it has to avoid. His statement that the drone rises up as speed gets near max is incorrect, it's due to the environment he's flying in, the faster you go the further the drone looks out processing obstacles. That includes obstacles that aren't in the drone's direct path., if it detects obstacles within it's bubble which has now increased in circumference due to the increased speed it will try to position itself where those things aren't in that bubble, most often that's upward. I've got video of the drone flying backwards @ 35mph about 25' off the ground. There's nothing around so it's stays flying at full speed relatively close to the ground.

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